Sans Soucis Kissed By A Rose Day Care 50 ml

Sans Soucis Kissed By A Rose Day Care 50 ml
Brand: Sans Soucis
Size: 50
48.5 EUR

The alpine rose can live for up to a hundred years without anyone even noticing! This applaudable quality is predestined for daily facial care! SANS SOUCIS is taking advantage of this and is offering true regeneration wonders in facial care with further concentrated power substances – with the KISSED BY A ROSE product range. For beautiful, refreshed skin.ANTI AGE AND VITALITYTaken from the leaves of the alpine rose, the Alpine Rose Stemm Cell Extract promotes the vitality and function of the skin’s stemm cells. It strengthens the skin’s protective barrier and resistance. THE BOOST FOR HEALTHY SKIN!The alpine rose extract effectively combats premature, light-induced skin aging and promotes the skin’s natural repair function. It also balances lines and wrinkles and supports the skin’s natural renewal process.The Day Care SPF 20 protects skin against UV stress and premature light-induced aging. Skin’s natural repair mechanisms are improved, fine lines and wrinkles are balanced, skin is supplied with lavishmoisture and looks significantly firmer. •SPF 20 protects the skin against UV stress and premature skin aging caused by sunlight•the skin’s natural repair mechanism is strengthened, skin renewal is supported•the vitality of the skin’s stemm cells is boosted•lines and wrinkles are balanced and the skin is provided with valuable moisture. It appears visibly tighter50ml Sans Soucis Kissed By A Rose Day Care 50 ml