Miild Cleansing Cream Mild & Light 100 ml

Miild Cleansing Cream Mild & Light 100 ml
Brand: Miild
Size: 100
34.5 EUR

This Miild Cleasing Cream is a mild cleanse that fits a sensitive, dry and delicate skin. It is also good for you with psoriasis and atopic eczema. It is made on nurturing and mild ingredients that leave the skin cleansed, without being drying out. It can be used as both an eye makeup and make-up remover.What do you get with Miild Cleansing Cream?This Cleansing Cream is a mild cleansing cream that cleanses the skin in depth without drying it out. It contains nurturing ingredients such as shea butter, rapeseed oil and vitamin E.Benefits– Removes makeup while containing the aloe vera extract and other moisturizers to reduce skin irritation after use– Contains shea butter to help maintain moisture and elasticity of the skin Key ingredientsAloe vera extractShea butterVitamin E You’d love to know that…This product is vegan.54% of ingredients are organically grown100 ml Miild Cleansing Cream Mild & Light 100 ml