Hjärtligt Högsensitiv Balsam 100 ml

Hjärtligt Högsensitiv Balsam 100 ml
Brand: Hjärtligt
Size: 100
8.5 EUR

Hjärtligt® Balsam highly sensitiveA non-allergenic, high sensitive series for sensitive hair and scalp, or for those who are avoiding unnecessary additives. Cares and rehydrates hair and scalp. Softens and nourishes, as well as providing antioxidants extracted from Swedish blueberrys. Balance the scalp´s pH level through the help of lactic acid. High allergy tolerance, free from perfume. Also works with hair extensions and coloured hair.The luxuriously creamy formula quickly untangles the hair while strengthening and protecting. The conditioner repairs and restores damaged hair and scalp. The result is a real healthy hair completely without silicones.Produced and developed in Sweden for you and the enironments sake. 100% green and bio-degradable with only green ingredients. Free from: polymers, plastic, parabenes, silicones, mineral oils, artificial colourings, nano particles, hormone interferring substances, citric acid, PEG/PPG etc. 100ml Hjärtligt Högsensitiv Balsam 100 ml