Filorga Time-Filler 5 XP Cream 50 ml

Filorga Time-Filler 5 XP Cream 50 ml
Brand: Filorga
Size: 50
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TIME-FILLER 5XP CREAM is an intensive correction cream for all types of wrinkles on the face and neck. The formula, which contains powerful and active ingredients, softens mimic wrinkles, fills in deep wrinkles, smoothes out surface wrinkles and traces of dehydration and evens out the skin on the neck. Perfect for normal to dry skin, and the creamy texture makes the skin feel soft and comfortable. TIME-FILLER 5XP CREAM contains all FILORGA’s expertise in aesthetic medicine, has clinically proven effectiveness, and is tested under dermatological control.- Intensive correction of all types of wrinkles- Suitable for normal to dry skin- Makes the skin soft and supple- Clinically proven efficacy- Tested under dermatological controlTripeptide, hyaluronic acid, sea fennel extract, plant extract and a restructuring active ingredient correct 5 different types of wrinkles: mimic wrinkles, deep lines, surface wrinkles, neck wrinkles and traces of dehydration.Tip!Use your thumb and forefinger and gently pinch the wrinkles when you have applied the cream.Use:1. Make sure your skin is clean and dry.2. Apply daily, morning and evening, all over face and neck. djupa rynkor, mimiska rynkor, torrhetsrynkor och ytliga rynkor för en multikorrigerande effekt.50 ml Filorga Time-Filler 5 XP Cream 50 ml