Ecooking Multi Shampoo 500 ml

Ecooking Multi Shampoo 500 ml
Kategoriat: Hiustuotteet, Shampoot
Brand: Ecooking
Size: 500
34.9 EUR

MULTI SHAMPOOShampoo for a dry and sensitivescalp, with a fresh scent of flowers,green leaves, and a twist of mint. Ecooking’s new Multi Shampoo has a cooling andsoothing effect on the skin and therefore it isespecially good for a dry and sensitive scalp.Multi Shampoo contains peptides and amino acidsamong other ingredients, which enhances thecollagen production and thus improves hair growth.Furthermore, the shampoo is with UVA and pollutionprotection that protect your hair and hair colour – bothnatural and coloured hair - against sun, water, air, andpollution among other things.Multi Shampoo has a fresh scent of flowers, greenleaves, and a twist of mint.Vegan and dermatologically tested and withoutSLS & SLES.Multi Shampoo contains e.g.:- Capibiome that rebalances the scalp and has asoothing and cooling effect on the skin.- Hydrolyzed wheat protein, a natural protein withamino acids, which comes from wheat. Revives thehair and makes it softer.- Peptides that improve the hair structure making yourhair appear thicker, fuller and healthier.- Capiguard, an active ingredient, which protects yourhair and hair colour – both natural hair colour andcolour-treated hair – against pollution and UVA raysamong other things.HOW TO USEApply the shampoo in wet hair and massage it gentlyinto your hair. Rinse your hair thoroughly.Repeat as needed. Finish with conditioner for optimalcare and softness.PACKAGING INFORMATIONMulti Shampoo is available in a 250 ml sugarcane tubeand a 500 ml rPET bottle with pump. Ecooking Multi Shampoo 500 ml