Ecooking Eye Cream 20 ml

Ecooking Eye Cream 20 ml
Brand: Ecooking
Size: 20
39.9 EUR

EYE CREAMFor dark circles, fine lines, and bags under the eyesHectic periods and late nights can quickly result in dark circles under the eyes. And then it does not help that the skin around the eyes becomes thinner and more revealing with age.Take extra good care of your eye areas with our new allergy-friendly Eye Cream which efficiently and gently nourishes the delicate skin.Eye Cream is a mixture of natural red algae extract, pumpkin seed extract, and glucosyl hesperidinthat moisturise your skin, and increase skin microcirculation and collagen production.In other - more understandable - words, these ingredients improve dark circles, strengthen skin, reduce fine lines and refresh the skin around your eyes.The Eye Cream has a metal tip which cools the skin and helps reduce puffy eyes.AllergyCertified, vegan, dermatologically tested, and fragrance-free.Eye Cream contains e.g.:- Natural glucosyl hesperidin which is an antioxidantderived from citrus that reduces dark circles underthe eyes by increasing skin microcirculation.- Natural red algae extract that has a high content of minerals which have ultra-moisturising and protecting properties.- Natural pumpkin seed extract, rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins, that stimulates collagen production and strengthens skin.TIPKeep your Eye Cream in the fridge to enhance the cooling effect. Cold helps the blood vessels constrict and in this way it reduces bags under the eyes.Delivered in a 20 ml plastic tube with metal tip. The tube is made of 50% recycled plastic. Ecooking Eye Cream 20 ml