Beauté Pacifique Super3 Booster 50 ml

Beauté Pacifique Super3 Booster 50 ml
Brand: Beauté Pacifique
Size: 50
58.5 EUR

The cream includes two different forms of Vitamin A each having its own way of rejuvenating the skin’s collagen and elastin fibre structure. The synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres are boosted to reinforce the skin’s elastic properties and this also makes the skin less transparent. It repairs the damage caused by the sun and clearly reduces wrinkles and stretch marks. The cream is also effective for the treatment of thin skin for example on the back of the hands and on dry and brittle nails. Reduces the skin’s sebum secretion and contains Propolis for the treatment and prevention of impure skin including active pimples as in teenage skin. Apply very sparingly onto cleansed skin every second night. If erythema occurs wait until the skin calms down before reintroducing the cream. Then increase the frequency of usage as individually needed. Recommended as the next step to Vitamin A Anti-Wrinkle Creme whenever you want a product with even more potency due to its high content of the two forms of Vitamin As.-Probably the most potent anti-age product currently on the consumer market-Reduces the skin’s sebum secretion and prevents problems with pimples and impure skin-Contains Propolis that fights active pimples and prevents the formation of scars40 ml Beauté Pacifique Super3 Booster 50 ml