Bazgir & Veljkovic Hair Combo #4

Bazgir & Veljkovic Hair Combo #4
Kategoriat: Hiustuotteet, Shampoot
Brand: Bazgir & Veljkovic
Size: 0
62.5 EUR

B&V’s product box - Hair Combo #4 is suitable for all occasions and makes a man feel appreciated. The box has a perfect combination of products for a man who wants to take care of his hair. The box contains: 1 X Hair shampoo that is emollient and counteracts dry scalp, 300ml.1 X Hair oil that cares for the scalp and repairs damaged hair follicles, 60ml. 1 X Sea Salt spray for structure and styling, 200ml. 1 X Forming Paste that is suitable for those who have medium long hair and are looking for a natural hairstyle that stays stable throughout the day. The wax is easy to shape with, has an avarege strength and gives a matte finish. 100g Bazgir & Veljkovic Hair Combo #4