Avant Skincare Age Radiance PH Balancing & Brightening Rose Infus

Avant Skincare Age Radiance PH Balancing & Brightening Rose Infus
Brand: Avant Skincare
Size: 30
92.9 EUR

The essential moisturising mist for women and men on the go. PH Balancing & Brightening Rose Infusion Day Mist is a concentrated spray that aims to hydrate, protect and energise skin at any time of day. Its fine texture envelops the face in a halo of freshness with a fruity fragrance. Ideal to set makeup. The science Rose works to buff away dead skin cells and impurities to reveal soft, fresh, and youthful skin. Its light-reflective properties illuminate the delicate skin, softening flaws and boosting radiance.Besides, Dimethicone aims to coat skin with a protective layer, helping keep moisture in, leaving skin hydrated for longer whilst Propanediol contributes to promote better absorption providing a soft and smooth texture to the skin.BenefitsAims to illuminate complexion Works to reveal soft skin Helps protect against free radicals and environmental stressersContributes to mattify skin How To Use:A true Beauty RitualGetting the most from your PH Balancing & Brightening Rose Infusion Day Mist:When using your mist before your moisturiser:A moisturiser dampens and hydrates the skin. Using a mist under the moisturiser helps the skin better absorb the hydrating qualities of the moisturiser for a softer and smoother skin. Spray your face severally after your shower then apply your moisturiser for a softer, moistened skin.When using your mist after applying your makeup:The setting spray helps lock all the products used on one’s face to maintain makeup for the entire day. To correctly use it, lightly mist your face after applying your makeup. You should do so only after applying all your makeup- concealer, foundation, lipstick and all. Best practise: Hold the spray 10 inches from your face, close your eyes and mist your face. You can repeat this process at any time of the day to refresh your makeup.#AvantTips: Mist Facial Spray as a final step after makeup application to give your makeup a natural dewy finish.Store in a cool and dry place.30ml Avant Skincare Age Radiance PH Balancing & Brightening Rose Infus