Avant Skincare Age Protect & UV Satin-Soft Imperial Polyglutamic

Avant Skincare Age Protect & UV Satin-Soft Imperial Polyglutamic
Brand: Avant Skincare
Size: 50
95.9 EUR

A dreamy duo for nourished, hydrated and protected skin, this revolutionary cream delivers Polyglutamic Acid’s signature softness, youthful glow in no time. 10 times more hydrating than Hyaluronic Acid and far more elastic than Collagen, Polyglutamic acid aims to lock in moisture, giving you softer, more supple skin whilst diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Besides, Cetiol Sensoft aims to balance pH, providing a multi-dimensional softness sensation whilst Isododecane aims to lightly coat the skin surface to soften and smooth it without irritation, mattifying complexion. BenefitsAims to intensely hydrate skinWorks to smooth fine lines and wrinklesHelps mattify skin Contributes to soften skinHow To Use:A True Beauty RitualGetting the most from yourSatin-Soft ImperialPolyglutamic Acid DUO Moisturiser1. The jaw - Apply the moisturiser, working from thechin towards the earlobes.2. The cheeks - Smooth from nose to temples3. The forehead - Massage, making smoothingmovements from the centre of the face outwards4. The final touch - Massage, making circularmovements from eyebrows to nose.#AvantTips: When applying your moisturiser, try toadopt a ‘dab and tap’ rhythm. Patting your face softlywill stimulate the circulation, wake up thecomplexion and can work to flush out that any toxinsthat have built up in your lymph nodes.Store in a cool and dry place.50ml Avant Skincare Age Protect & UV Satin-Soft Imperial Polyglutamic