Avant Skincare Age Nutri-Revive Gentle Rose Beautifying Face Exfo

Avant Skincare Age Nutri-Revive Gentle Rose Beautifying Face Exfo
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Brand: Avant Skincare
Size: 60
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The Gentle Rose Beautifying Face Exfoliant is enriched with groundbreaking ingredients to help skin appear smoother and softer, and aiming to help ingredients penetrate 20% better. The science Our Gentle Rose Beautifying Face Exfoliant combines signature ingredients such as Rose and Vitamin B5.Harbouring intensive hydrating, soothing and anti-oxidant properties, Rose aims to lessen redness, skin irritation and the appearance of wrinkles whilst enriched with skin softening, smoothing and healing properties, Vitamin B5 contributes to foster moist retention by absorbing moisture from the air.BenefitsAims to hydrate intensively Works to smooth wrinkles Helps soften skinContributes to lessen rednessHow To Use:A true beauty ritual Getting the most of your Gentle Rose Beautifying Face Exfoliant:Start by washing your feet : you should always exfoliate on freshly cleaned skin.2. Apply and gently exfoliate in upward circular motions. Lightly massage onto face and neck in circular movements, concentrating on the forehead, nose, chin and jawline, avoiding the eye area.3. Wash your face with warm water, then gently pat dry with a towel. Allow the relaxing scent to soothe the mind and the groundbreaking ingredients correct imperfections. You’ll want to lock in moisture with a rich cream or your favorite anti-ageing serum before heading to bed. Your mornings will be much brighter and your skin significantly smoother.#AvantTips: Fingertip pressure and the gentle friction of the perfectly round micro beads will help slough away dead skin cells, which can lead to blocked pores.Store in a dry and cool place.60ml Avant Skincare Age Nutri-Revive Gentle Rose Beautifying Face Exfo