Sensai Comforting Barrier Mask 60 ml

Sensai Comforting Barrier Mask 60 ml
Brand: Sensai
Size: 60
155.9 EUR
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A silky smooth cream mask that envelops the skin with an invisible veil of moisture, resilience, and calm. Its nurturing properties approach the epidermis, strengthening the skin’s barrier function and improving moisture retention to defend against dryness and roughness.The mask also reduces redness and has a smoothing effect. The soft cream glides seamlessly on the skin and has a direct soothing effect, while the scent of Koishimaru Silk envelops all the senses in peaceful calm. For those with sensitive or temporarily sensitive skin.• Protective and soothing mask• Strengthens the skin barrier for increased protection• Moisturizes, reduces redness and smoothens the skin• Suitable for sensitive skinHow to use1: Applied as the last step in your skincare routine, after lotion and cream. Use morning and evening.2: Use the supplied spatula and take a suitable amount in your hand.3: Apply an even layer over the face, and add an extra layer on the areas that are in more need of nutrition and care.60 ml Sensai Comforting Barrier Mask 60 ml